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High Creatinine and Swelling in Kidney Disease

Update Time:2017-05-23 17:23:59

Zakaria is a 16 years old kidney disease patient from Africa. He has whole body swelling for two years . No exact diagnosis was given by his doctor and there was also no effective treatment. Two years later, his condition deteriorated and hi...readmore

AUWALU NURA SANI is a patient from Nigeria, he was diagnosed with kidney failure three years ago. He suffered from symptoms such as nausea, vomiting and poor appetite. In order to relieve these symptoms, he accepted his doctor’s advice to ...readmore

Jawad is a male patient from Pakistan. Eight years ago, he found protein appeared in his urine. Since then, he took physical examinations two times every year. Due to his weakness, he took a texts. This check result shows his creatinine had ...readmore

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