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Your admission to our hospital has been arranged by your physician. While you are with us, we will strive in every way to make your stay as comfortable as possible.


Mr. CHUNG WAI CHOY is a stage 5 Diabetic Nephropathy patient, who comes from Malaysia. From April 17th to May 15th , he was hospitalized in our hospital for the first time. After treatment, his creatinine level reduced from 1276 umol/L to 7...readmore

Mr. DALU PRATHAP POTHA is a 32-year-old patient from Bangladesh. Before treatment, his creatinine is 384. He received a week of treatment at our hospital. After treatment, his creatinine fell to 228....readmore

This man comes from Mexico

Update Time:2017-07-20 10:32:58

This man comes from Mexico. He was hospitalized for a month. After our treatment, he lost 23 pounds. His moderate edema disappeared and proteinuria decreased significantly. He was particularly satisfied with our treatment and services....readmore

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