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Your admission to our hospital has been arranged by your physician. While you are with us, we will strive in every way to make your stay as comfortable as possible.


Ramsurrun is a kidney failure patient from Mauritius. After about 20 days Chinese medicine Toxin-Removing Treatment, his creatinine level reduced from 980 to 720, and 24h urine protein reduced from 1.43g to 0.51g. Besides, his swelling, wea...readmore

This is a nephritis patient from Ukraine.

Update Time:2017-07-20 10:38:29

This is a nephritis patient from Ukraine. He has been with kidney disease for many years and was treated with steroids, but there was no improvement at all. By chance, he learned our characteristic Chinese medicine and decided to have a try...readmore

Acupuncture is to insert long thin needles into certain acupoints, through which your qi and blood circulation will be improved. Is it painful? Not at all. Look at this renal patient, who is from Angola. He enjoyed the process of acupunctur...readmore

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