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 This article is about a man who wrote a letter to CEO Cao,

  This article is about a man who wrote a letter to CEO Cao, professors, doctors and nurses for their great support.

  His wife is a kidney failure patient. On 1st April, 2017, he came to our hospital. At his country, he was told that his wife is no longer receive any treatment except for dialysis. Besides, the cause of kidney failure can not be found out just because they could not perform biopsy due to low blood platelets. Therefore, he decided to find a treatment that can save his wife’ life on internet. When he heard that there is another treatment option treating kidney disease very well, he decided to come to China without any family member’s support. Worse still, when they arrived at hospital, his wife was very week, and was admitted at ICU. But, the support they received from nurses, doctors and professors is unmeasurable. Doctors, nurses and interpreters were always by their side at that period as if they are one of their family members.


  When he back from ICU, CEO Cao, director of board in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital visited them, which shows that they are not alone in this fight. At the same time, CEO Cao also said that our hospital will do our best to help his wife, which gives them much confidence, hope and strengthen to fight against kidney failure. Additionally, CEO Cao decided to give extra help to them. For now, her creatinine was decreased and she can sleep, eat and walk a while.

  What I want to tell you is that kidney failure is not horrible and what the horrific thing is that you lose hope to fight again it. I hope you all should stick to fighting it with final efforts.