Update Time:2017-06-30 14:06:34

There is a uremic renal diseases serious harm, after the disease patients to bring too much pain, let the patient suffering, and the treatment cost is very high, also increased the economic burden to the family, so experts suggest that we ne...readmore

Update Time:2017-06-29 14:20:18

What are the main symptoms of uremia? Urinaemia will bring great harm to patients, damage your body and spirit, you must have a correct understanding of the disease, and consult relevant experts, experts will give you make the appropriate tr...readmore

Update Time:2017-05-29 14:45:18

I believe that in the eyes of most friends, uremia is a terminal illness, so many friends will refuse treatment. In fact, this attitude is wrong, as long as the patient is actively treated, there is still the possibility of recovery. So, wha...readmore

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