Update Time:2017-07-10 14:06:26

1, low protein diet, in azotemia and uremia patients should be mainly to animal protein high biological potency, such as milk, eggs, fish, lean meat, add a variety of essential amino acids. Although the plant soybean and peanut contain prote...readmore

Update Time:2017-07-09 14:35:00

Uremia is more serious illnesses, and these people are really know, but since it has been suffering from the disease people to maintain a good attitude, especially when the disease of the first people to understand it will be spread out trea...readmore

Update Time:2017-07-09 14:27:40

In uremic patients what to eat? Urinaemia patients suffered no small burden, damage the spirit of everyone, want to avoid the disease harm, we must find suitable treatment methods, but also know uremic patients what to eat, so as to avoid th...readmore

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