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Conservative treatment of chronic renal failure uremia

  Conservative treatment of chronic renal failure uremia

  Uremia is a common disease that seriously endangers people's health, and the current routine use of blood purification and kidney transplantation treatment.

  Normal adults about 2 million kidney units, to ensure that the excretion of waste, the absorption of useful substances, the body water and electrolyte balance, glomerulonephritis, diabetes and other diseases can cause damage and abandonment of kidney units. In all kinds of chronic kidney disease early, the kidney can maintain the normal physiology function, but the normal kidney unit reduces to a certain degree, the kidney cannot maintain the normal function, this kind of condition is called chronic kidney failure, namely uremia. The human kidney unit cannot regenerate, therefore, we should do everything possible to prevent the loss of the remnant Kidney unit at present.


  The indications of dialysis were: >720umol/l (8MG/DL), blood potassium >6.5mmol/l, severe acidosis, severe complication of major organs. In fact, in the absence of complications that affect vital signs, almost all patients can try conservative therapy, full conservative treatment after many patients with significant improvement of renal function, water electrolyte and acid-base balance can be completely restored to normal, in the conservative treatment of successful patients most can maintain 3-7 years without hemodialysis, many patients can maintain more than more than 10 years.


  Should strictly control the patient's diet, take low protein, low phosphorus, low fat, low salt, high essential amino acid, high unsaturated fatty acid and enough calories diet, take phosphorus binder in the meal, and try to control the reversible factors of chronic renal failure, to deal with the original disease, control hypertension, rectify the imbalance between water and electricity, improve lipid metabolism, improve the quality of life of patients, correct anemia, prevent renal osteopathy, reduce cardiovascular and cerebrovascular complications; TCM dialectical treatment, such as activating blood stasis, Nourishing Yin and supplementing qi, clearing heat and detoxification.