Update Time:2017-07-16 09:30:05

How does renal insufficiency treat: Original disease and inducement treatment: for the initial diagnosis of CRF patients, we must actively pay attention to the diagnosis of primary disease, chronic nephritis, lupus nephritis, purpura nephri...readmore

Update Time:2017-05-29 14:42:54

With early renal insufficiency patients because of symptoms is not obvious so it is easy to overlook the treatment, missed the best treatment period, then introduce the early renal insufficiency symptoms of what, I hope you can help....readmore

Update Time:2017-05-29 14:41:39

The rich variety of fruits in daily life is not only good to eat, but also helpful to promote health. But for some patients with renal insufficiency, there are many fruits which are not suitable for eating. Because of renal insufficiency is ...readmore

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