Update Time:2017-07-21 11:52:17

Phase I; renal function reserve; compensatory period. Because the kidney compensatory ability of large reserves, so clinical renal function is decreased, but the excretion of metabolites and regulate the balance of water and electrolyte can ...readmore

Update Time:2017-07-21 11:50:42

1, the first treatment of primary diseases, such as high blood pressure, diabetes and so on. Prevent the aggravation of renal artery and glomerular sclerosis. 2, actively control infection, especially urinary tract and respiratory tract inf...readmore

Update Time:2017-07-21 11:46:13

The prognosis and treatment of 1, we should seek the pathogeny of the treatment of anterior renal nitrogen. 2, suspected ARF after the obstruction caused by the kidneys, should be placed in the bladder catheter. The capacity of the residua...readmore

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