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How to treat renal insufficiency?

  How to treat renal insufficiency?

  Our human organs play an important role in our bodies. When any problem occurs, it can cause serious consequences. Then, for the problem of illogical organs, there are different medical treatments. Our kidney played an important role in renal metabolism in the human body, if a person's kidney problems, may lead to renal failure, resulting in the deaths of kidney problems, so it is more difficult to treat.

  However, some people do not know what kidney dysfunction, literally, renal dysfunction means that the kidney has gone wrong, some people are congenital development is not perfect, and some people are caused by the latter. Moreover, renal insufficiency is divided into different periods, and the most serious condition is the presence of uremia.

  Blood purification therapy:

  The use of human methods instead of the loss of kidney function, so that blood purification, in order to maintain patient life.

  Commonly used methods of peritoneal dialysis; peritoneal dialysis; colon dialysis; the hemofiltration therapy; the sequential blood dialysis and hemodialysis and hemodiafiltration; the blood perfusion.

  In patients with uremia and uremia, low protein diet should be given and food should be easily digested.

  Correction of metabolic acidosis: mild metabolic acidosis can be improved by correcting water and electrolyte imbalance.

  General treatment: in the compensatory period of renal insufficiency, we should treat the primary disease actively and prevent it from developing into uremia. In azotemia should be treated, to reduce the work, to avoid the cold, wet and overwork, prevent colds, do not use kidney damage to these objects. Patients with uremic symptoms should rest and be treated.

  For patients with renal failure who suffer from heart failure, they should be treated with blood and dialysis therapy, even if they are removed or corrected.

  The above for the introduction of the relevant treatment of renal insufficiency, I hope all of you help. If the problem of kidney function is found early, it should be treated in time. Don't give yourself up for fear of money or other things. Man's life is but once, and death brings nothing to him, so do not save money for yourself.