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What are the treatments for renal dysfunction?

  What are the treatments for renal dysfunction?

  Regulation of mental illness: renal dysfunction is a chronic disease, the disease can occur at the same time, many kinds of symptoms, such as edema, systemic heart function insufficiency, shortness of breath, skin itching, fever and other symptoms, to bring patients pain and a lot of pressure, but also prone to depression symptoms and anxiety.

  Two, maintain physical exercise: a good mood is not only a great help to prevent disease, is also helpful for the treatment of disease, so patients must maintain a positive and optimistic attitude. Take more exercise can enhance the immunity of the patients, make their own resistance, but avoid excessive exercise, it may cause some damage to the patient's kidney function, so to do some exercise, to rest.


 Three, reasonable formal diet: a reasonable diet is very important, and the patient must follow the doctor's words to the reasonable collocation of food, diet is the basic principle for low protein and low phosphorus diet and high calorie foods and food and other essential amino acids, but also should supplement vitamin B nutrition, because vitamin A is the renal toxicity, so is not added, but also to avoid the high potassium foods, if there is no edema and hypertension symptoms and symptoms of lower urinary tract symptoms, patients also can not limit the intake of salt.

  Four, diet: kidney dysfunction in patients with dietary restrictions vary from person to person. Normal urine, renal insufficiency patients without renal failure, can eat to intake of vitamin Vegetable & Fruit; such as renal insufficiency patients need to reduce the amount of urine, under the guidance of a doctor selective diet; renal insufficiency patients of the heart is not good, don't try to eat high potassium foods, so as not to cause heart failure. Patients with life-threatening.

  Five, life: the families of patients should cooperate with medical staff to take care of the patients with renal insufficiency living, keep the ward clean and tidy, moderate temperature; enlighten patients with renal dysfunction, so as to establish a positive confidence in the treatment of patients with renal insufficiency; urge bed rest, reduce the volume of activities, to improve the symptoms assist the medical staff do; renal insufficiency in patients with skin and oral care.

  Six, treatment: to prevent renal dysfunction in patients with disease progression and serious complications, clinical nursing care should be strengthened in the treatment of patients with hand, such as the prevention of infection (especially upper respiratory tract infection, maintain health ward). It is the key to treat renal insufficiency actively and relieve the symptoms of the patients.