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Pathology of anaphylactic purpura nephritis

  Pathology of anaphylactic purpura nephritis

  According to the modern medicine, the cause of purpura nephritis is still not clear. The followings are some possible reasons for it:

  1.infection: becteria, virus, schistosomal infection or other parasite infection. Most patients suffer precursor respiratory infections and amygdalitis.

  2.medicine: antibiotic(such as tetracycline, vancomycine etc), sulfanilamide, isoniazide, salicylic acid, barbital, quinine, monoiodide, streptokinase, vaccination(eg. measles vaccine, epidemic cerebrospinal meningitis vaccine and etc), tuberculin test and etc.

  3.food: edible milk, shrimps, crabs, clams and etc.

  4.others: pollen, bugbite, cold stimulation. Also, a small part of patients have no aetiological agent.