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The extrarenal manifestation of anaphylactoid purpura nephri

  The extrarenal manifestation of anaphylactoid purpura nephritis

  1. Skin purpura: skin purpura is the first symptom clinically for most patients with anaphylactoid purpura nephritis. Skin purpura often occurs in limbs, hip or hypogastrium, distributed symmetrical mostly but damaged in different levels. They look like red spots, slight prominent skin, sometimes combined together with itching, but no pain. Skin purpura may occur in one time only, also relapse frequently. In general, skin purpura will fade gradually in one or two weeks, four to six weeks is also possible but rare.

  2. Symptoms in arthrosis: almost one second to two third patients suffer arthrosis symptoms. Most of these occur in larger arthrosis, such as knee, ankle or wrist, knuckle. In general, the surrounding of arthrosis is pain and tumid, but no red, heat or malformation.

  3. Symptoms in digestive system: almost two third patients have some symptoms in gastrointestinal tract, especially the angor in abdomen. There is pressing pain in abdomen when in physical examination. In general, there is no tension of abdominal muscle or rebound tenderness, but nausea, vomiting, gastrointestinal tract bleeding, intestines edema, bleeding, or stiffness, indigitation, enterobrosis and etc.

  4. Other manifestations: patients with medical history of upper respiratory infection may suffer headache, low-grade fever or general malaise, sometimes epistaxis or hemoptysis. The symptoms of neurological involvement include headache, abnormal behavior, twitch and etc. A few patients suffer myocarditis, too.