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Got purpura nephritis, how do you catch a cold?

  Got purpura nephritis, how do you catch a cold?

  Purpura nephritis is a small vascular injury is the main pathological basis of the disease, the patient's skin and viscera can show corresponding symptoms typical capillary inflammation: unique hemorrhagic rashes, and may be associated with arthritis, abdominal pain and kidney damage. For the cold of purpura nephritis, you can select some ingredients of Chinese medicine, such as Radix isatidis.

  The vast majority of purpura nephritis treatment of purpura nephritis, medication limited to simple western medicine or Chinese medicine treatment. But western medicine treatment is an index to know, in the treatment of Henoch Schonlein purpura nephritis, treatment of Western medicine combined with traditional Chinese medicine expert advice, as a fundamental, western medicine is based fundamentally on the injured kidney cells for repair.

  First, when a definite infection range, should be given antibiotic treatment; stop eating and exposure to allergens of food and drugs, if necessary, can be desensitization treatment; supplement large amounts of vitamin C, and pay attention to rest.

  Two, for the majority of a slight abnormal urine test, without corticosteroids or cytotoxic drugs, usually fully recovered; persistent simple hematuria, proteinuria, blood pressure is not high, in patients with normal renal function, try the Tripterygium wilfordii treatment, necessary oral dose of Tripterygium wilfordii (double 2mg/kg.d); clinical manifestations for treatment of acute nephritis, nephrotic syndrome or acute nephritis in the treatment of primary glomerular disease. Severe renal disease, plasma exchange has a certain effect. If the regular poor treatment should be actively according to the pathological changes of renal biopsy, treatment plan.

  Three, obvious hematuria combined with traditional Chinese medicine detoxification, blood stasis, such as pills, Reduqing tablets, also available about 10g /d drinking rhubarb. "Chronic renal failure" in patients with renal failure".

  Purpura nephritis how cold? In patients according to the severity of purpura nephritis treatment, but also treatment of colds, if the cold is not serious, it is best to use diet therapy or traditional Chinese medicine treatment, because suffer from the disease can not abuse drugs, or on the body and renal function will be affected, patients will suffer a serious the ultimate interest damage, disease severity to ineffective treatment, so treatment of purpura nephritis after a cold to be cautious.