Update Time:2017-08-26 14:39:30

This pain is one of symptoms of polycystic kidney disease, often performed as the low back pressure or dull pain, and always with sharp pain or abdominal pain sometimes. The pain can be increased due to physical activity, walking for long ti...readmore

Update Time:2017-08-26 14:38:24

The patients with serious cysts threaten on renal function should limit the salt intake strictly, due to their serious condition. But it is not all the patients should limit salt intake strictly, which should depend on their individual condi...readmore

Update Time:2017-08-10 15:32:11

What is dominant inheritance? The so-called dominant inheritance refers to the father and / or mother to carry a gene and the disease and produce clinical manifestations, the gene inherited to the next generation also to the disease, autoso...readmore

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