Update Time:2017-08-26 14:44:02

Many women do not want to have a baby, but due to the age and compelling from motherhood, they wish to have their babies and most of them can achieve their goal, but some women can not do that. Can the women with PKD have a baby? Which is ...readmore

Update Time:2017-08-26 14:42:10

Polycystic kidney has familial aggregation. If one side of parents suffer from the disease, the child's genetic probability can be to 50%; Both parents have this disease, the genetic probability will increase to 75%. ...readmore

Update Time:2017-08-26 14:40:44

Polycystic kidney disease is a hereditary kidney disorder, which accounts for about 5%---10% in the renal dysfunction at final stage. As the age increases, the cyst gradually increases. The first symptoms are: low back pain, high blood press...readmore

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