Update Time:2017-06-17 14:09:17

laboratory examination 1, urine tests frequently have pyuria (94%), hematuria (43%), urinary protein (93%), cylindruria (11%), urine accounted for 40% of the proportion in 1, 010, have pyuria urine culture can be found in Escherichia coli, ...readmore

Update Time:2017-06-17 14:03:38

Adult polycystic kidney disease usually occurs in early adulthood, often with hematuria, hypertension or renal insufficiency, abdominal palpation can be found in large polycystic kidney. The renal function is usually slow, progressive, hyper...readmore

Update Time:2017-06-16 14:29:02

What is the therapeutic method of polycystic kidney? The occurrence of polycystic kidney patients suffered no small burden, damage your body and spirit, to avoid the disease, you must have a correct understanding of the disease, especially t...readmore

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