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Nephritis five small coup

  Nephritis five small coup

  1. prevent colds

  Cold is the most common, the most common disease, although it is not what a serious illness, but it can lead to many other diseases, not to cut. Pay attention to climate change, increase or decrease clothes, breathe more fresh air, strengthen the resistance of respiratory tract mucous membrane, work and rest, prevent excessive fatigue.

  2. prevention and treatment of tonsillitis

  Tonsillitis mostly caused by upper respiratory tract infection, if tonsillitis repeated attacks, it is the cause of nephritis, but also can make nephritis repeated attacks, this nephritis can be called "tonsil derived nephritis."

  3. prevention and treatment of scarlet fever

  After getting scarlet fever, we must be treated in time and thoroughly to avoid the kidney from being affected. While using effective antibiotics to control the infection, we can cooperate with Chinese medicine, we must adhere to the treatment, in order to complete the prescribed course of treatment, to achieve the goal of complete elimination of antigen stimulation. After treatment of scarlet fever, even if it caused nephritis, its condition is less light, and easy to cure. It is worth noting that 10~14 days after getting scarlet fever, the urine routine must be tested so as to see if the kidneys have been damaged.

  4. prevention and treatment of impetigo

  The skin is damaged, to prevent purulent infection. In the event of impetigo and purulent skin infection, prompt treatment should be performed and routine urine tests should be made second, third, fourth weeks after the impetigo is cured.

  5. prevention and treatment of infectious hepatitis

  Hepatitis B is particularly susceptible to nephritis. Therefore, hepatitis B must be checked for routine urinalysis. Similarly, nephritis should also examine liver function and hepatitis B surface antigen. Should pay attention to dietary hygiene at ordinary times, and close contact with hepatitis patients, hepatitis B vaccine should be injected as soon as possible to prevent.