Update Time:2017-06-18 14:21:39

  The incidence of renal failure can seriously affect the health of the kidneys. As for chronic diseases such as renal failure, we should not delay the treatment when we are ill. We should treat the disease as soon as possible. Early det...readmore

Update Time:2017-06-18 14:19:12

n the face of renal dysfunction and renal failure, the more serious disease, we must attach importance to the choice of therapy and promise, since the potential damage of this disease is that we can not ignore, so in the face of the arrival ...readmore

Update Time:2017-06-18 14:16:54

Chronic renal failure diet:   1) watermelon juice:   Watermelon, sugar amount. Fresh ripe watermelon, juice, and white sugar. Voluntary diet.   Experts pointed out that Qingrejiedu, Sheng Jin, diuretic, and even for urem...readmore

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