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Inventory the five harms of nephritis

  Inventory the five harms of nephritis

  Kidney is a vital organ in our body.It will bring us danger when it has problems.Most nephritis patients arise two common phenomenon which will cause huge dangers for patients.Today I will introduce the harms of nephritis.

  1.Anemia.Anemia is the most common complication.It will appear renal parenchyma in the end stage of chronic nephritis and supervene many kind of abnormity in the blood system like anemia,blood cells dysfunction,leukomonocyte dysfunction , disturbances of blood coagulation and so on.The main reason of anemia include:decreased erythrocyte production;increased erythrocyte destruction;hemorrhage aggravate anemia.

  2.Hypertension.The incidence of hypertension in patients with chronic nephritis was 80%.In the stage of dysfunction,it often appear serious cardiovascular complications like hypertension,atherosclerosis,myocardiosis,pericarditis,kidney dysfunction and so on.Those people who need kidney alternatives treatments almost have hypertension.Hypertension with chronic nephritis patients has other characters expressing in trend of nocturnal physiological blood pressure losing,section can be divided into Nish.

  3.Infection.As malignant stimulation factor,infection usually cause acute attack of chronic glomerulonephritis which will aggravate the disease.Long-term proteinuria will cause mass protein loss ,innutrition,immune dysfunction and easily cause all kinds of infection like RTI,infection of urinary tract and skin.

  4.Swelling.Patients will appear swelling when kidney function is impaired and urine can not be ruled out in vitro.The reason is that the main function of kidney is forming urine.Serious swelling will influence the normal life and mood.

  5.Blood in urine.Nephritis has huge influence for patients,such as causing blood in urine,blood in urine is caused by glomerular capillary wall permeability increasing significantly or capillary wall rupturing.Appeared in endocapillary proliferative glomerulonephritis, crescentic glomerulonephritis,mesentary proliferative glomerulonephritis and focal glomerulonephritis.