Update Time:2017-06-10 14:11:26

Renal cyst is a relatively common form of kidney disease. It is usually a benign small tumor with a single or multiple. Renal cyst including solitary renal cyst, congenital polycystic kidney and multiple congenital renal cyst. The patient do...readmore

Update Time:2017-06-09 14:10:35

Cyst of kidney is the general name of the cystic tumor with different sizes and not interlinked with the kidney. The patients should pay more attention to diet and diet. There are three dietary taboos, but must not be forgotten....readmore

Update Time:2017-05-23 17:07:25

Cyst diameter less than 4 cm, calyces obvious compression of the renal pelvis, no infection, malignant transformation, high blood pressure, and symptom is not obvious, only need to observation closely, regular B ultrasonic review....readmore

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