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Cause of renal cyst

  Cause of renal cyst:

  Renal cyst is the unity of the large or small cystic mass called in the kidney of human body, which can not communicate with the outside.

  Cause of renal cysts can be summarized as the following points: It begin with dysplasia phenomenon in the childhood. Kidney cyst will cause medullary sponge kidney, dysplastic polycystic kidney disease and other diseases. congenital abnormalities of the gene usually has same phenomenon, therefore, There are differences with the genetic or genetic mutation.

  Toxins also have some effects on renal cysts. If toxins affect the human body, Every kind of cell tissues and organs will be damaged. That will produce the disease or even be serious life-threatening. Toxin is also the reason of gene mutations and congenital abnormalities. Common toxins in daily life: pesticides, certain chemicals, radiation, pollution and so on. Pay attention to that some medicine has renal toxicity. It can cause damage of kidney with wrong method. These drugs include: kanamycin, gentamicin, sulfonamides, rifampicin, indomethacin, and other Western medicine.

  Do not follow the principle of work and rest. Long term of hard work or strenuous exercise cause disease easily. Excessive spiritual consumption, too much pressure, psychological stress, sexual intercourse between men and women too frequently, will have an impact on our health. So it will affect the changes of renal cysts. However, too comfortable and less exercise will make some condition that the body blood is not smooth and cause other diseases. Bad mood will make endocrine disorders and renal cyst deepened. So learning to control their emotions and regulate their mood.