Update Time:2017-09-05 14:15:36

To pay attention to salty do not eat, spicy stimulus class do not eat, do not eat contaminated (including rotten deterioration, leftovers, etc.), barbecue do not eat, and renal insufficiency or Uremia should also occur Note beans and their p...readmore

Update Time:2017-08-22 16:21:20

Renal cyst is a kind of special disease, but it belongs to the category of nephrosis. If you do not pay attention to treatment, it will worsen into renal failure and uremia. Of course, in the process of treatment of renal cysts, diet is also...readmore

Update Time:2017-08-19 14:13:18

Renal cyst is the unity of the large or small cystic mass called in the kidney of human body, which can not communicate with the outside. ...readmore

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