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The wrong treatment and proper treatment for IgA nephropathy

  The wrong treatment and proper treatment for IgA nephropathy

  The wrong treatment for IgA nephropathy: The common treatments for IgA nephropathy mainly focus on the usage of hormone drugs or immunosuppressive agents to resist the protein in urine while neglect the very reason of the disease---the damaged mesangial cells of the kidney. As a result, the symptoms may disappear for a short time and the condition keeps relapse. The reason for which is that those treatments only “treat” symptoms of the disease while leaving the cause of the disease untouched.

  The proper treatment for IgA nephropathy: Being different from the traditional treatments which often focus on the elimination of some symptoms such as protein in urine and blood in urine, the proper treatment starts from the very cause of the IgA nephropathy, which means the proper treatment works on repairing the glomerular capillary and mesangial cells in the kidney.

  The treatment method is a combined treatment which integrates Chinese and western therapy and makes Chinese medicine as the main therapy. The four steps of the treatment are enlargement of blood vessel, anti-inflammatory, anti-freezing and elimination of harmful substance. In order to enhance the efficacy of the treatment, some other therapies are developed, among which the best and the most advanced therapy is called Micro-Chinese medicine Osmotherapy which work on the blockage of renal fibrosis.

  It is proved that so long as the damaged mesangial cells and glomerular capillary are recovered, the function of kidney will recover and so will the condition of the disease. Once the disease is cured, it is not likely to relapse, as both the symptoms and the cause of the disease is cured.