Update Time:2017-08-09 14:00:21

The diagnosis of hypertensive nephropathy is mainly based on the etiology, history, clinical manifestations and laboratory examinations. Then take a cure. The main treatment methods are:...readmore

Update Time:2017-08-06 14:16:26

1, hypertensive nephropathy: The Department of primary hypertension caused by benign small artery renal sclerosis (also known as hypertensive renal small arteriosclerosis) and malignant small arterial kidney sclerosis. Early asymptomatic, ca...readmore

Update Time:2017-08-06 14:15:19

1, hypertensive nephropathy patients should be low-sugar diet. 2, hypertensive nephropathy patients should eat more calcium, potassium rich food. such as kelp, lettuce, potatoes, eggplant,...readmore

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