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The diet for patients with high uric acid nephropathy

  The diet for patients with high uric acid nephropathy

  Take low purine diet. The selected food with low purine includes flour, onions, fruit, milk, eggs and so on; And they can not take these diets with high purine, such as animal offal, brain and various broth, gravy, sardines, anchovies, mackerel, shrimp, lentils, soybeans and algae; Besides,these food containing purine should be carefully chosen, such as roughage, spinach, broccoli, mushrooms, lentils, poultry meat,

  Drink more water, daily drinking water amount should reach 2500~3000 ml. Besides, drinking more water and eating more fruits is also a great way, which can increase the amount of urine to help the kidneys to discharge uric acid, reduce uric acid damage on the kidneys.

  Limit sodium salt, 2~5 grams per day is appropriate for patients.

  Eat more alkaline food, which includes vegetables and fruit Alkaline environment can improve the solubility of uric acid salt, and the substance rich in vitamin C can promote tissue uric acid salt dissolved, facilitate the excretion of uric acid. Generally speaking, daily intake amount for vegetables should reach 1 kg (containing purine vegetables should be avoided),and eating fruits for 4 to 5 times.

  Stop eating spicy and stimulate food, and drinking wines or smoking. In the past, people thought that the gout patients should be forbidden to take coffee, tea and cocoa, but now the persons thought that these foods does not produce uric acid salt, and there is no tophus. Therefore, it may be appropriate to take.