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The relationship between hypertension and kidney disease

  The relationship between hypertension and kidney disease

  Most people know hypertensive nephropathy. However, what is the relationship between hypertension and kidney disease? In fact, hypertension can cause the change of renal structure and function, and kidney disease can cause the blood pressure elevate. They are reciprocal causation, then cause vicious circle.

  Both hypertension and kidney disease are common diseases. The morbidity of hypertension exceed 20%, and because of the change of life style, kidney disease has become high incidence. Through the statistics, the morbidity of kidney disease of adults reach up to 10%. Not only adults, but also many kids suffer from kidney disease nowadays.

  Why hypertension will cause kidney disease? If the high blood pressure can not be controlled well, it will cause the failure of renal function, finally cause that the life quantity of patients reduce. Therefore, starting from this angle, we should control the blood pressure first if want to avoid the damage of kidney disease.

  Whats we should focus on is that the kidney disease can cause hypertension. But how high is the probability? It does not have the exact standard to say the specific probability. Why? Because it has relation with high blood pressure and the process, so id the blood pressure is very high, the probability is high, and if the blood pressure can not be controlled well, the chance of kidney disease is also big.

  life style and diet

  Except medical treatment, the patients should focus on the life style and diet. Bad living habit and diet are also the factors to cause and worse the hypertensive nephropathy. So the patients must build a good timetable, live up to reasonable diet and insist excise, stop alcohol and cigarette.

  Good foods:

  1. Rich protein and Vitamins, kike fish,eggs and red meat.

  2. High potassium foods(renal function is normal). Because the potassium can buffer sodium. Like soybean,red bean,tomato,pumpkin,celery,fresh mushroom, and other green vegetables. Fruits: orange,apple,banana,pear,kiwi berry,persimmon, pineapple,nut, watermelon and so on.

  3.There are some foods can reduce the blood pressure and blood fat. Such as celery,Chinese cabbage,radish,carrot,Jellyfish, kelp, onion, garlic, hawthorn, chestnut, bananas.

  Bad foods for hypertension:

  1.low salt, diet light, less salty foods,less aginomoto, soy,pickles,and tomato sauce.Eat less sausage, spiced beef, lunch meats, roast chicken cooked frozen food, canned food, and convenient fast food dessert;Eat less snacks, ice cream, drinks, etc.The world health organization (who) regulation: each salt mixed 6 grams daily

  For hypertensive nephropathy, daily salt in 2-3 g is advisable.The salt intake too much, can make the vascular sclerosis and blood pressure, limit salt not only can improve the therapeutic efficacy of antihypertensive drugs, still can reduce the dose of antihypertensive drugs, so as to reduce the side effects of drugs

  2、Limit fat,hypertensive nephropathy patients should limit the intake of fat, particularly animal fat, high cholesterol, can accelerate atherosclerosis。

  3, the limit of sugar,hypertensive nephropathy patients should eat less sweet food, sweet food with high sugar content, can be converted into fat in the body, easy to promote atherosclerosis.