Update Time:2017-07-29 14:25:29

Diabetes mellitus patients with a longer general history, the longer the history of the more likely to cause serious complications, and diabetic nephropathy is one of its more serious complications. Recently reported that diabetes mellitus d...readmore

Update Time:2017-07-26 10:59:38

The diet of diabetic nephropathy needs a lot of attention, if not eat, will lead to the deterioration of the disease, will suffer great harm, how to diet diabetic nephropathy and adequate nutrition, the body is not very exciting, which requi...readmore

Update Time:2017-07-26 10:57:59

Generalized diabetic nephropathy includes infectious lesions and vascular lesions. Infectious lesions include pyelonephritis and necrosis of the renal papilla. Vascular lesions include microvascular and macrovascular lesions. Major vascular ...readmore

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