Update Time:2017-06-03 16:38:03

The prevention of diabetic nephropathy is more important than the treatment, prevention can mainly start from the following three aspects:...readmore

Update Time:2017-06-03 16:35:21

Diabetic nephropathy is known to be one of the many complications of diabetes, the most important of which is the presence of glomeruli in the kidneys and is prone to deterioration. Once the symptoms are found, it will be late. So what are...readmore

Update Time:2017-06-03 16:32:16

Diabetic nephropathy is a complication of diabetes and diabetic glomerulosclerosis. Therefore, patients with diabetes history must know the cause of diabetic nephropathy, prevention in advance. 1, hyperglycemia: diabetic nephropathy is clos...readmore

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