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Common preventive measures for diabetic nephropathy

  Common preventive measures for diabetic nephropathy

  Common preventive measures:

  1. Experts introduce to strictly control blood sugar. Blood sugar continues to rise, which can induce fat cholesterol metabolism disorders, promote glomerular and renal capillary intima thickening and sclerosis, and make normal function loss, the kidney disease comes into being.

  2. Adequate intake of vitamins, trace elements. Especially vitamin B, vitamin C and zinc, calcium, iron and so on, which can protect the kidney.

  3. All the patients with diabetes for more than 5 years should often check the renal function and pay more attention to measure blood pressure and do fundus examination.

  4. having good conditions, the patient should do uromicroprotein and beta 2- microglobulin to check for whether he has diabetic nephropathy or not. If the urine micro albumin increased, patients should be in 3 to 6 months to test for 3 times to determine the persistent micro albumin urine.

  5. Experts point out that the patients should be actively antihypertensive to maintain blood pressure in the normal range. Meanwhile, they should be stressed that the low salt, low protein diet, especially high quality protein.