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Complications of diabetic nephropathy

  Complications of diabetic nephropathy

  First, diabetic hypertension. Many patients with diabetic nephropathy suffer hypertension many years ago before they had any obvious symptoms. Diabetic patients with hypertension will develop to diabetic nephropathy earlier than patients without hypertension. Therefore, diabetic patients should pay more attention to their blood pressure timely.

  Second, diabetic retinopathy and renal microvascular disease. The two can exist at the same time. Retinopathy may occur after the diabetic nephropathy. In general, the incidence of retinopathy in higher than renal microvascular. Retinopathy is easy to be seen, while diabetic nephropathy is difficult to be found, so diabetes should notice the physical condition when retinopathy occurs.

  Third, various cardiovascular diseases in the late period. For example, arteriosclerosis, pericarditis, colonitis, hemorrhagic disorders and nervous system diseases.

  Fourth, acute renal failure. Contrast examination may cause acute renal failure, so patients with diabetic nephropathy should be careful in contrast examination.