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Diet suggestions for patients with diabetic nephropathy

  Diet suggestions for patients with diabetic nephropathy

  Cucumber: cucumber contains vitamin and mineral substance. It has also medicinal value. Fresh cucumber may help people lose weight for its repression in transformation of sugar to fat. Therefore, the blood pressure of patients who eat cucumber usually will not rise up.

  Medlar: medlar, containing vitamin A, B1, B2, C and calcium, phosphorus,iron, tastes sweet. It has also the function of decreasing blood pressure, cholesterol and blood glucose. Medlar is a kind of good food in relieve the soreness in waist and knee, impotence, spermatorrhea, deficiency of liver and kidney, dizzy, blurred vision. Patients can put 3g to 10g medlar in millet congee. Notice that we can not decoct Chinese medicine by iron pan.

  Pumpkin: pumpkin is cold in property, tasting sweet. According to traditional Chinese medicine, pumpkin is conducive to lung and stomach and kidney. It is effective to relieve the edema and ventosity.

  Mushroom: according to modern medicine, mushroom contains 93% moisture.