Update Time:2017-07-30 14:08:31

1. Eyelid or facial edema in the morning. Severe, the medial ankle, lower limbs, lumbosacral department and so on will edema. Usually, these symptoms increase during exertion, lighten during rest, and the afternoon will subside. ...readmore

Update Time:2017-07-24 15:14:51

The kidney is an important part of the body detoxification, when the kidney is invaded by germs to cause damage, the human body metabolites and toxins can not be discharged normally, it will directly affect the body's other organs. Chronic r...readmore

Update Time:2017-07-24 14:01:49

1, chronic renal failure patients should soft, bogey hard food and fried food Chronic renal failure patients due to toxins in vivo retention and blood microcirculation disorders caused by gastrointestinal mucosa is often congested, erosiv...readmore

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