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The prognosis of lupus nephristis

  The prognosis of lupus nephristis

  At present, the prognosis of lupus nephritis has a tremendous change with the development of diagnosis and treatment of lupus nephritis. The five-year livability of patients with focal proliferative renal damage may reach 75% to 80%, patients with membranous nephropathy, almost 85%, patients with diffuse proliferative lupus nephritis, especially the patients with hypertention and azotemia, is merely 25% in 1970s. In recent years, with the combined application of hormone and cell toxins cells, as well as the good activity detector, the five-year livability has beyond 80%, ten-year , 60%, according to many medicine center. The main cause of death for lupus nephritis include kidney failure, lupus encephalopathy and concurrent infection. The prognosis of lupus nephritis is regulated with following factors:

  1.young men have high risk in kidney failure;

  2.the chronic progressor of azotemia predict the coming of chronic kidney failure, while the acute decrease of kidney function presents the activity, curability and potential reversibility.

  3. persistent hypocomplementemia predicts the kidney failure in the last period of lupus nephritis.

  4.control the lupus nephritis timely will have a good improvement in prognosis.

  5.the development trend of renal biopsy index is equal with the incidence of chronic kidney failure.