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The thoughts and methods in precautions of CKD

  The thoughts and methods in precautions of CKD

  CKD has became a global problem in public health for its high incidence and mortality, as well as the high risk in cardiovascular disease and the tremendous medical costs. In treatment of CKD, merely western medicine is not enough. Compared with this, combined western medicine with traditional Chinese medicine together is better than employing the only one. Though there are still some confusions in the combined therapy, doctors have made some improvement in recent years, the good curative effect has gained recognition in more and more people around the world.

  The thoughts and methods in precautions of CKD include: first, enhance the research in optimization of single disease; second, enhance the research in new medicine; third, enhance the research in the treatment mechanism of Chinese medicine; fourth, enhance the research in precaution of renal damage medicine; fifth, explore the essential of kidney via the systemic biological methods; sixth, try to compile precaution guidance in chronic kidney disease via the combined Chinese and western medicine; seventh, improve the publicity, emphasis the general investination, precaution in the early time.

  We believe that the treatment of kidney disease will reach a new height through the combined Chinese and western medicine.