Update Time:2017-09-08 14:07:24

The incidence and prognosis of nephrotic syndrome is related with a series of factors. In the prevention of this disease, one needs to improve the immunity, avoid the exposure to the toxic substances, harmful drugs and chemicals. At the sam...readmore

Update Time:2017-09-08 14:06:24

At present, the prognosis of lupus nephritis has a tremendous change with the development of diagnosis and treatment of lupus nephritis. The five-year livability of patients with focal proliferative renal damage may reach 75% to 80%, patient...readmore

Update Time:2017-09-08 14:05:09

CKD has became a global problem in public health for its high incidence and mortality, as well as the high risk in cardiovascular disease and the tremendous medical costs. In treatment of CKD, merely western medicine is not enough. ...readmore

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