Complications of renal puncture

Update Time:2017-09-06 14:08:45

First, hematuria: the incidence rate of microscope hematuria is almost 100%, but it will often disappear after one to five days without any disposing. Gross hematuria will occur if needle pierces renal calices or pelvis in renal puncture. Ge...readmore

The disadvantage of peritoneal dialysis

Update Time:2017-09-05 14:19:49

First, the possibility of infection: peritoneal cavity is easy to be infected due to the joint of specific pipe of peritoneal dialysis and dialysis bag in changing the liquid. Therefore, we should clean our hands thoroughly before we do any ...readmore

The advantages of peritoneal dialysis

Update Time:2017-09-05 14:16:11

First, peritoneal dialysis is broadly used in all over the world for its simple equipment and operation. It can be taken in primary hospital or even in home without any hinder in patients’ work. Patients don’t need to use more anticoagu...readmore

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