Daily precautions of CKD

Update Time:2017-09-06 14:18:22

First, low salt, low fat, high quality protein. Second, proper exercise, avoiding overworked, rest well. Third, prevent influenza, avoiding infection. Fourth, be careful in medicine(include Chinese medicine). Fifth, have a good attitude....readmore

How to replenish the lost protein ?

Update Time:2017-09-06 14:16:16

Patients with kidney disease should base protein on animal protein ,such as ,egg white ,milk ,fowl ,fish and others protein ,their nutrition is better than protein in plants ....readmore


Update Time:2017-09-06 14:15:40

For patients with dialysis,do you often feel general weakness?Do you know about the reason? The cause of general weakness for patients with dialysis is that blood circulation is slow.Kidney is an organ with fearless.When blood circulation b...readmore

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