Genetic nephritis

Update Time:2017-09-12 14:03:46

The disease often occurs in adolescence and male earlier. After urine, 80% to 100% of patients have symptom of blood urine and the symptom appears off and on. Sometimes it becomes serious, after physical exercise or getting upper respiratory...readmore

Nowadays, hypertension has become a chronic disease, risking the health of human beings. Hypertension is the main reason of various of diseases in heart, cerebrovascular, kidney. Therefore, we should prevent and control hypertension in our d...readmore

Three serious complications of hypertension

Update Time:2017-09-10 14:17:19

Cerebral hemorrhage: cerebral hemorrhage is the serious complication in the late period of hypertension. The bleeding part is near the cerebral hemorrhage and basal ganglia, clinically, the symptoms include hemiplegia, aphasia and etc....readmore

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