Complications of membranous nephropathy

Update Time:2017-09-12 14:07:31

First, renal venous thrombosis. According to the clinical manifestation and continuous kidney biopsy, we can find that membranous nephropathy is a sort of chronic disease. With the abrupt increase of proteinuria and the abrupt deterioration ...readmore

Pathogenesis of membranous nephropathy

Update Time:2017-09-12 14:06:53

The pathogenesis of membranous nephropathy is still not clear, but we can classified it into two types clinically, primary membranous nephropathy and secondary membranous nephropathy. ...readmore

Kidney stone

Update Time:2017-09-12 14:05:59

Kidney stone occurrence depends on edible consumed in Day-to-Day life. Mainly kidney stones are caused due to elements in Food and type of Water consumed. ...readmore

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