prevention measures for kidney disease

Update Time:2017-09-18 09:40:01

The adults should check routine urine and kidney function once a year. If the urinary protein and serum creatinine in urine routine inspection increased, we should pay attention to it, and find a specialist to do further examination....readmore

Can People With Diabetes Have Melons?

Update Time:2017-09-12 14:09:08

Fruits form an important part of the diet plan for people with diabetes. Melons are not only a rich source of water but are also enriched with several vitamins and minerals that are essential for a healthy body....readmore

Five Principles For Gouty Nephropathy

Update Time:2017-09-12 14:08:01

Gouty nephropathy, gouty kidney for short, is renal damage caused by hyperuricemia which results from too much blood uric acid or reduction of excretion. Clinical features of gouty nephropathy are uric acid stone, small molecular protein, sw...readmore

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