What are the effects of Hot Compress Therapy?

Update Time:2017-09-22 14:26:57

Hot Compress Therapy can make use of traditional Chinese medicine more effectively. Besides, this therapy can also take many other medical benefits to patient’s body health....readmore

Decompression of the top of the head for PKD

Update Time:2017-09-22 14:25:29

1.Making a cut. Making a declining cut under the eleven rib or on the back....readmore

How to solve the skin itching after dialysis?

Update Time:2017-09-22 14:21:02

There are a lot of dialysis patients would ask: why after dialysis, feel itchy skin, and it is hard to tolerate for them. The incidence of general itchy skin is 60% - 90%. As the dialysis time extended, symptoms gradually worsened, make pa...readmore

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