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Kidney Stone Symptoms

  Kidney Stone Symptoms

  Kidney stones (calculus of kidney) that occurred in the calyx, renal pelvis stones and renal pelvis and ureter connecting portion. The majority stones located in the renal pelvis, they are rare in renal parenchyma, Plain film kidney area with a single or a plurality of circular, oval or obtuse triangle densities, uniform and high density and multi-edge smooth, but there was not smooth like mulberry. Kidney is the major site of urinary stone formation, any other parts of the stones can be primary in the kidney, ureter stones almost all from the kidney, kidney stones and more stones than any other parts of the direct damage to the kidneys, so early diagnosis and treatment is very important.

  1. Pain: This is one of the obvious symptoms of kidney stones. This pain is usually located mainly in patients with spinal column and ribs, waist, upper abdomen, the pain most paroxysmal, persistent also. Mainly ache dully on lower back soreness discomfort or labor activities will worse. In addition, patients with severe pale, cold sweats, pulse and speed, as well as blood pressure drop was a state of shock. At the same time tended to have nausea, vomiting, abdominal distension and constipation. When colic, decreased urine output, the phenomenon can be more urine after remission.

  2. Hematuria: Hematuria is another common disease of upper urinary tract stones, it can be presented microscopic hematuria or gross hematuria. When kidney stones in patients with onset of pain, often accompanied by hematuria and microscopic hematuria, hardly with large number of hematuria. The urine amount will increase after physical activity. Low probability of kidney stone patients due to painless hematuria and even medical treatment, but also to the main pain without hematuria.

  3. Row of stone history: Patients are able to remove sand in there urine, especially during the onset of pain and hematuria, mixed with sand or small stones in the urine. For pain and hematuria suspected kidney stones, such as X-ray no calcification effects should instruct the patient to see whether the gravel intimate with the urine.

  4. Other symptoms: Kidney stones are a common complication of obstruction and infection. There are many cases of urinary tract infection and medical treatment. They are also blocking can cause hydronephrosis, showing upper abdominal pain or flank mass. Staghorn calculi pain disorder is not prominent, as a result, it is easily cause the patient to ignore, It is common in clinic that patients often find hydronephrosis and medical treatment.