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 Prevention for Kidney Stones

  Prevention for Kidney Stones

  1. Drinking more water

  Drinking more water can dilute the urine, and the concentration of calcium ions and oxalic acid will be reduced, which makes the calcium oxalate stones can not appear. Studies show that the increase of 50% of the urine volume, can make the incidence of kidney stones decreased by 86%.

  2. Reasonable calcium intake

  The patients always mistakenly believe that the culprit of kidney stones is calcium. In fact, the calcium is also needed for patients with kidney stones. Notice: this is a reasonable supplement.

  3. Eating more black fungus

  Black fungus contains a variety of minerals and trace elements, which can produce a strong chemical reaction on kidney stones, and make the kidneys stripping, differentiation, dissolution, and discharged from body.

  4. Adding rice bran.

  Eating more rice bran can prevent the occurrence of kidney stones.

  5. Eating foods rich in vitamin A.

  Vitamin A is necessary to maintain the health of the urethra, it also helps to hinder the recurrence of stones. Healthy adults need to take 5, O00 unit (IU) of vitamin A everyday. A glass of carrot juice can provide 10055 IU of vitamin A for body.

  6. Other foods

  Other foods rich in vitamin A include broccoli, apricot, muskmelon, pumpkin, and bovine liver.